San Antonio de Pereira

San Antonio de Pereira is a village in the municipality of Ríonegro. It is a small place full of colors and life that can be easily traveled and enjoy its paisa. It is located in the East of Antioquia, very close to Medellín and is a destination for food lovers.  With a motorbike or scooter of Moto Rent you will not have lost and you will arrive without problem. There you can enjoy typical dishes such as chorizo, chicharrón and chunchullo or, if the dates coincide, celebrate its most popular festival: the festival of the empanada.

Santa Fe de Antioquia

This town is recognized as the first capital of Antioquia for what it conserves an important historical patrimony of the region. It preserves an architecture that dates from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and is said to be the origin of many of the famous customs that characterize the culture of the region. Thanks to this, Santa Fe de Antioquia is called the cradle of the Paisa race.   To visit it is an obligatory destiny when arriving at Medellín that, with a Motorcycle or scooter of Moto Rent you will be able to arrive without problems. 


If you like adventure and natural landscapes Necocli is your place. Antioquia is so big that on a motorcycle you can go from cold weather to coastal heat. So if you want to enjoy the sea on virgin beaches, Necocli is perfect for this. It is located in the Urabá Antioqueño area almost 8 hours away. But don't worry, on a Moto Rent motorbike you can travel without worries and make stops as many times as you want, following the varied gastronomic offer found along the way. When you arrive you will be able to enjoy the landscapes, the journey through nature and the best sunsets by the sea. 

Coffee Street

Colombia has one of the finest and softest coffees in the world. The area where it is cultivated is between Antioquia, Manizales, Risaralda and Quindío. These are the four departments recognized as the Coffee Route. If you have already rented one of our motorcycles, you will have the pleasure of traveling the highways of Colombia as if it were a living museum of biodiversity. With a motorbike or scooter from Moto Rent you can stop to enjoy the unsurpassed postcard views, the waterfalls that weep at every corner of the mountain or the coffee carpets that spill almost everywhere you look. 

The adventure begins leaving Medellín via Pereira. That's why, when you feel that the weather changes and your bike starts to climb, you must be aware that the mountain will take you to the Altos de Minas and then down to the valley where the municipality of La Pintada is located. This passage walks on the edge of the Cauca River, Colombia's second most important tributary. Here you can practice extreme sports such as rafting, a sport that consists of descending on a pneumatic boat of great stability.  The gastronomy in this part of the trip is rich in fish and spring fruits. The road is in very good condition and allows the traveler to travel safely. 

Before arriving at Pereira you will find Manizales. A city famous for its festivals. Manizales is a city stranded in the mountains and is known for its inclined streets, its cultural events, the bulls and the privileged view of the Nevado del Ruiz. With a motorbike or scooter from Moto Rent, you have no problem getting to its historical center you will find one of the most emblematic statues of Bolívar: a condor man in the middle of his transformation, a tribute to the political leader and the patriotic symbols of Colombia. Next to the square is the basilica cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary. A neogothic style building that offers a medieval view as few found in the country. Nearby is also the Government Palace of neocolonial style. 

 When leaving Manizales the route goes to Pereira "the pearl of Otún". A small town famous for the quality of its people, its smooth coffee and lush landscapes. Nearby, along the road that takes the road before entering the city you can stop to rest in the hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal, then continue your trip by motorcycle to cross the viaduct Cesar Gaviria, the highest cable-stayed bridge in Colombia that connects the city with the Municipality of two gorges. Once in the city you can make a stop at the Botanical Garden of the University of Pereira. 

 An important centre for environmental research, conservation and education. The good thing about this place is that its conservation is not done through ornamental botanical collections but it is an area of vegetation created naturally. If you are a nature lover this site is ideal for you.

Leaving Pereira you will find tiny villages that keep a magic related to the cultivation of coffee and the history of those who have dedicated their lives to it. With your motorbike or scooter of Moto Rent you can stop to live the experience of being part of all this culture and to taste the gastronomic variety of the region. One of the most beautiful and famous places is called Salento, between Manizales and Armenia. In Salento you will find a community full of colours and sweets in almost every corner. Most importantly, however, Salento is the gateway to the lush Cocora Valley. With your motorbike you can ride almost like an adventure, a bridle path that, as it climbs, the vegetation becomes thick, you can see the waterfalls that come down from the mountain, but above all, you can also see the Wax Palm, unique in its kind because it grows only in the Colombian moors and, therefore, is a national symbol of Colombia. 

The last stop on the Coffee Route is in the city of Armenia, in the Department of Quindío. This city is only 45 minutes away from Pereira.

The best thing is that the trip is surrounded by pines and aromas of nature that perfume the environment. If you say that this stretch is one of the greenest you have on the roads of Colombia. Arriving in Armenia you will find the Quimbaya gold museum, a collection of archaeological pieces from the indigenous community that lived in that area long before the city was built. The secrets of the region are hidden here, and it's also a preamble to everything the traveler can find as he or she discovers Armenia. However, the most important thing is a short distance away on a motorcycle: the Coffee Park. While arriving in Montenegro (where the park is located) you can see the coffee plantations where you look and the colorful houses typical of the region. On the way you will find all kinds of sweets and friendly people who will show you the way in case you get lost. 

The Parque del Café is like a Disney but Colombian version. Here the protagonist is the biodiversity of the region, its flowers, its history and everything related to the cultivation of coffee. 

From a viewpoint overlooking the entire valley of the park to mechanical attractions and eco-adventures will allow you to have fun for an entire day. With this experience, you will close a journey that will become a memory to tell at the end of your trip through Colombia. 

Other routes for motorcycle adventurers:

If you like motorcycles and want to travel even more, with Moto Rent you can have this opportunity. Leaving Medellin you can travel to Bogota, Bucaramanga or Cali. But if your thing is the Caribbean. We offer a plan for you to travel between Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta and La Guajira to have a unique adventure between the most beautiful walled city in America, the gastronomy of Barranquilla, the desert of La Guajira or the paradisiacal beaches next to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, where you can also leave your motorcycle in our headquarters Moto Rent Santa Marta.