This adventure begins when you begin your journey from Medellín on the road to Bogotá on a motorbike or scooter from Moto Rent. It is a two hour journey where you will feel different climates as you go up and down the mountain. The advantage is that in Colombia motorcycles do not pay tolls, which means a substantial cost savings that you can invest in stops to taste the famous merengon, cream candy and strawberries sold on the road. 

When you get to Guatapé you can stop at the church that emulates the Piedra del Peñol. A small chapel with a mystical charm that, if you visit it on a Sunday, you will find it full of life in its surroundings. There you can taste the wafers, a cookie bigger than the size of your hand, filled with blackberry jam, fresh cheese or arequipe (dulce de leche). 

Among the things you can enjoy on the way is the view of the lakes that border the area around the stone. There, its crystal-clear waters call on adventurers to practice nautical sports or go for a walk in the small boats that make constant journeys. With a Moto Rent motorbike you don't have to worry about time because, calmly, you will be able to get to know all the hidden places you find as you discover the path that leads to the stone. 

Once in front of the Peñol, the altitude and the experience of observing the whole valley will remind you of that moment forever. With that memory, the return will be quiet and you will enjoy the cool breeze while you return to Medellin to plan the next adventure on your motorbike or scooter of Moto Rent.